[LJUBLJANA – beloved city]

Reading „Veronika decides to die“ by Paulo Coelho at the moment forced me to take a closer look at Slovenia, the place the story is told about. Being located in Central Europe right next to Italy and Austria it though is an East European country, yet thanks to its welfare system it is considered the country with the highest living standards in the East of Europe. Slovenia itself only is independent since 1991 and is a member of the European union since 2004. It used to be part of Yugoslavia, although rather being a closed ethnographical area. So there are hardly any foreigners living in Slovenia, at most Serbs and Croats, and most of the inhabitants tend to be catholic. The official language, Slovenian, is seen as a south Slavonic language with influences of Czech and Slovakian. Not only the climate, but also the landscapes differ wherever you are staying. Half the country though is afforested.

Finally the capital, Ljubljana, is a small city, counting about 300 000 citizens, being centered around the river Ljubljanica. Pretty old houses seam the riverside that kind of look Austrian, probably because they were built under Habsburg rule. It looks a bit like a tiny little Prague, all charming and playful, a cute little town… have a look yourself…

(and try to ignore the lack of pronunciation)

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