[freeing us from our belief leads us to the question: what to believe in?]

Religion has become a personal matter, it is, anyway in theory, not obliged by state or society any longer. So this may be a reason why it has diminished over all, mainly in western society. There may be noted religious denomination on some paper, marked somewhere in the vastness of bureaucracy. But the number of people, who actually live their life in the presence of a God, of a religion, has surely increased in the last decades. Nowadays we are flooded by plenty of possibilities and offers, and we seem to be left completely alone with all these excessive demands. Since we have lost our religion, there is nothing to free us from our trivial present, there are no explicit, significant rules to follow anymore. Jurisdiction is left. The enormous space that is left beside that, we need to fill. We need to invent ourselves from scratch. We need to find our own rules, priorities and beliefs. Not uncommonly we are lost in all these questions. Mankind is suddenly in the desperate need to find all these solutions to problems that are not even used to be problems. How to appear, how to grow old or how to stay young, just to mention a few. Since the absence of God, our life has been deprived of every higher meaning. Urgently we have to fill our trivial lives with meaning. The media and the economy though seem to give us all the answers, all these new ideas and/or products, that promise to save us from our misery. Banality is the long sought new religion. We now believe in fashion, in politics, in plastic surgery, in green solutions, in perfection of the slightest important things. However we feel free, no God or afterlife to judge or frighten us. By banning Him from our consciousness we also have the freedom to prey the earth, since it is not sacred, God-created anymore. Yet all the more people are suffering from fear. All this godlessness makes life so much easier, it appears. Though only in the present. More and more people become aware of a frightening future. What will our habitat be like in the future, is a new and scaring question, for example. In addition we have to suffer from our failures in this very life. After all we won´t be saved, unless being saved by God.

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