[it feels so good – sonique]

this song is a real treasure of my past, of my childhood. it takes me back to the days were i stayed up late, although i wasn´t allowed to, and sticked my ears to my very first radio waiting for these few songs i had fallen in love with. soniques songs “it feels so good” and “alive” were definitely such. already back then i loved her joyful but not shallow music that makes you want to sing along and dance. sonique is not only an incredible british singer but she also writes her lyrics from deep inside and she is aware that herein lies the success of her music which is not based on imagination, but on experiences that everyone can relate to. by the way did she write the song “it feels so good” about an impossible love. it thus is not such a happy song as it seems. she said about it: “It’s about this guy whom I really liked years ago, but who didn’t return my feelings. For he was very successful and I wasn’t – at that time. And he thought that I was in love with his success. This song is just a way of declaring that it was him I liked.” …

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