[the russian fairy tale]

I knew it. I could hear it sizzling somewhere in the air, floating over Prague, then spilling over into my room and making me lay awake and dreaming the Russian dream. The Russian fairy tale. The Karluv Most in darkness, white balls falling and rolling around over silver flagging. It was a Czech copy of me standing there in black, smelling the clear atmosphere filled with tiny Russian ice crystals. I heard voices and hollow noise cracking on the floor, rushing from door to door. Words came flying to my ear and left me in silence, my feet sunken in a cold and windy Vltava. Blue light was longing for me and tried to make me see Prague´s faces by night. It was me, wandering through hot waterdrops and turning around like in coloured shots. A thousand steps ahead of me. Boys and girls that felt too free. Alcohol laving from the deep black roof. Bodies shaking and falling to the groove. No money in my hands, and I didn’t know where my dancing ends. Music all around, inside me, beat was my surround. I had found my sound, and then I had found you. Somewhere in between it was you I had seen. Your face covered in black night, the light was on my side. And your night crossed the line to mine. And I was instantly thinking about you, even though I couldn’t see through the darkness that lay around your head. You were watching me through the colourful sea that flew around us. My heart that couldn’t stop and let with every heartbeat drop some trace to your blackened face. You followed and tried to break my shallow. Your eyes were cold as vodka ice and your laugh was more frightening than all your lies. I felt your words roaring through my ears and your hands trying to break my neck, it didn’t crack. Your kisses blended into light and into electronic sounds of a Praguian night. And suddenly there was white light in the sky and I couldn’t trust my eyes that looked at you and what you did, with all your hands, with all your words, that didn’t find their meaning in seemingly honest future plans. Silver walls and golden claws around my body still couldn’t stop me from being too curious. There was a feeling in the room that flipped my stomach and made my head ache. The mighty gloom of the dark night before had left some irreality and found me yet again in a place where I wasn’t supposed to be. I heard your answers through many layers of a rich and fluffy dress and when I left, I was a mess. I was walking through a city that might have been a turning point for you and me, but when we finished dancing, turning, cold Czech air caught my breath. My face had gone pale, after all, it was just a Russian fairy tale.

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