[my fairytale]

It´s a fairytale. My life. Outerworld.

I´m the fairy. No green eyes. No powers.

I´m the charmed one. Been put under your spell.

Just like a melody. Chasing my dream.

Chasing you. Chasing me. Chasing us, the two.

There´s been no light. Everywhere night.

No sleep. No nightmares.

Besides the beginning of this story.


I´m the cursed one. My luck has all gone.

Taken all protection from the pain. I´m insane.

I´ve been before. I´ll be after.

You are the strong. You are the weak.

Having the power all over me.

I´m just a fairy. Powerless. In no position

To change this story.

You are the first and you are the next

You are the only, you are the one who´ ll make it bend.

I´ve been the beginning and you are our end.


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