[a try to leave…]

I´m on my way. The way out. I´m watching my heels knock on the lithic floor. And with every knock I hope you might call me back. But I´ve lost track. I´ve lost the plan. I´ve lost again. I hear myself walking and still talking to you. Knock, knock, knock. Hello, what am I supposed to do? And I´m running back, standing still. Waiting for screams and calls. Crashing against walls. Sliding to the ground. Drinks have stolen my warmth, as well as too little sleep. The sunlight makes my cold body creep. Smiling faces, staring eyes. My body aches under too blue skies. I´m walking and talking to myself. Telling nightmares and fairytales. I´m running on heels, falling down. My kissed lips drown in the red sea. Pictures come up and then drop, dip in blood. I just said what. You did not kiss me. Though all I see is your water eyes, that slowly fill with ice. I hope to crush your lies and kiss your lips. Snow is falling whilst I am crawling in your cage. At night coloured light stabs your heart and I permanently watch you breaking apart. Your parts scatter the room and sum up in pure rage. I see myself struggle, feel myself scream. I´m standing beside me and I´m standing still. I`m waiting within. Nothing.

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