[it´s arizona at the horizon]

She is everywhere. Lately every runway seems to have the pleasure to be run by her. It is the 1,78m young woman that is gliding over the catwalk. Then at the turning point she stops, her eyes sparkle and create the idea of a smile on her face. Arizona was called after the state of her birth. Eventually she grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. By the age of 18, she had just finished school and didn´t know what to study yet, so she started modeling. Her launch, encouraged by her mother, as a long-haired blonde didn´t last too long. A year later she took a break, giving birth to her son Nikko. In 2010 she returned. Her mossgreen eyes, now short hair and the unusual broad eyebrows threw her back in the fashion world. With success. She opened shows, was to be seen on every catwalk, exclusively booked for Prada and soon presented on international covers. Today she is a single mother living in Brooklyn, New York, and a model, much sought-after and fully booked. The moment she steps on the runway she owns it with her presence, the serious and at the same time childishly trustful eyes, the strong eyebrows, fine features and high cheek bones make her look unfamiliar and therefore unforgettable. She proves all those wrong that speak of dead and empty looking models. Arizona Muse is full of this glow from the inside and puts grace and essence to what she´s doing. And she´s doing it great. 

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