[a black night in club light]

we´re wearing high heels, we feel on top

we´re watching you dance, but do it right

senses, decency clash, fall like a wodkadrop

nobody cares about what it´s like then in the light

it´s hard to breath though, not hard to dance

whatever happens, I see them glance

girls come to hate us, I hate the hate

your eyes are aimless, mine full of smoke

I hear you laughing, but missed the joke

too much champaign here, too much of dream

be careful, my heart, it´s not what it seems

the guys have the free choice to choose the wrong

it´s then the high heels that walk along

my eyes are red, my lips are too

what I was searching´s under your shoe

you stepped upon it to rule the night

high heels go tripping

I see me slipping

oh, I´m so wrong here: I want the true

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