[ a try to leave ]

I´m on my way/ The way out/ I´m listening to/ heels knock on the lithic floor/ And with every knock/ I hope/ you might call me back/ But I´ve lost track/ I´ve lost the plan/ I´ve lost/ yet again/ I hear myself walking/ and still talking/ to you/ Knock, knock, knock/ Hello, what am I supposed to do?/ And I´m running back/ and standing still/ Waiting for screams and calls/ my mind to fill/ Crashing against walls/ Sliding to the ground/ Drinks have stolen my warmth/ as well as too little sleep/ The sunlight makes my cold body creep/ Smiling faces/ staring eyes/ My body aches/ under too blue skies/ I´m walking/ and talking/ to myself/ Telling nightmares and fairytales/ I´m running on heels/ and falling down/ My kissed lips drown/ in the red sea/ Pictures come up/ and then drop/ dip in blood/ I just said what?/ You did not kiss me/ Though all I see is/ your water eyes/ that slowly fill with ice/ I hope to crush your lies/ and kiss your lips/ Snow is falling/ whilst I`m crawling/ in your cage/ At night/ coloured light/ stabs your heart/ and I permanently watch you/ breaking apart/ Your parts scatter the room/ and sum/ up in pure rage/ I see myself struggle/ feel myself scream/ I´m standing beside me/ and I´m standing still/ I`m waiting within/ Nothing//

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