[ Human People ]

To be human is to be mistaken/ to be wrong/ to be forsaken/ to be strong/ having too much power/ for our little hearts/ holding sway over/ all inferior life/ yes we strive/ for superiority/ for a god like state/ to let lose all our hate/ we carry inside/ our divine light/ brought there by mankind/ in order to find/ what we should seek for/ love

To be human is to be weak/ and compensating it/ with a cruel streak/ imperfect longing for perfection/ longing for an endless life/ yearning for resurrection/ without granting any force/ to anyone else but/ to be human is to be blind/ our eyes shut/ to anything but reflected light/ from what we call our treasures/ luminance drawn into infinite night/we are only able to see/ what we want to be

To be human is to be ignorant/ of everything that disturbs our illusion/ that creates confusion/ in our little minds/ we want to be sure/ to be secure/ in our sins/ we want no truth/ we cannot handle/ no raising the roof/ of the houses we so eagerly tried to build/ in a world that only exists/ in between our imaginative mists/ we want to enjoy the silence/ around which we put up our fence

To be human is to be evil/ unholy and un-wholly/ craving for violence/ to make others pay our prices/ our own indolence/ to deal with our pain/ makes us strive for revenge/ what we can’t avenge/ we crave for justice/ but are creating crime/

We humans/ are the greatest/ beast on earth/ we should not be living/ we don´t know its worth/ we wander lands/ which we burn/ we torture souls and bodies/ and put lives to urn/ we worship devils/ that rule our hearts/ and wonder about the parts/ that are left inside our emptiness/

We humans/ we seek to fill the void/ by trying to exploit/ every beauty we encounter/ that has been begotten/ the path to our inner purity/ has been forgotten/ by us humans/ who anger gods/ that were buried long ago/ we have no faith/ no good in our cells/ we believe in ourselves/ or what best sells/ we suffer from megalomania/ oh, we suffer from within/

To be human is to be/ without God/

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