[ this is what it feels like ]

This is what it feels like/when my heart strikes/ a chord with you/ and I become see-through/ lost in your blue/ funk/ drunk/ with temptation/ with sensation/ I seek/ within your body/ and because of your soul/ I yearn for/ losing all control/ all inhibition/ oh, my submission/ is devotion/ to your commotion/ and your tranquillity/ nonetheless/ suddenly I´m no mess/ anymore, but stability/ stirred up by your words/ flying with chirping birds/ into the sky/ and I´m high/ because my soul, I fly/ lying idle/ struck down by your mind/ I´m allowed to find/ between all meaning/ that’s not demeaning/ but making sense/ out of my senses/ and my defences/ are down/seeing myself drown/ with relish in what/ I have sown/ my eyes shut/ and opened wide/ up and down I stride/ within your blue water/ oh, I´d rather/ not be anywhere else/ cause this is/ what it feels like/ to feel alike//

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