[ the rite of passage ]

I´m painting you my heart/ out of pure cocaine/ so you´d break it apart/ and it would become sane/ absorb it to the last drop/ of my soulblood/ dwell on my flood/ of unshed tears/ bottled up within my fears/ take me whole and infinitely/ my thoughts so intricately/ yearning for some sanity/ in this surreal world of vanity/ I need you to be/ and make sense to me/ please be my universe of verity/ and look at me with sincerity/ understand me without hearing/ what I haven´t said/ don´t leave me disappearing/ carrying away my painful patched soul/ my self lacking every self-control/ my devoted dependency/ only is addicted ascendency/ towards righteous hell/ without you I´m just a shell/ lacking light and hope/ with life I can´t cope/ and words they flee/ towards a sea/ of meaninglessness/ and I can´t confess/ what you don´t mean to me/ just that my eyes suddenly see/ and my heart feels free/ to break again/ in thousand pieces/ of hurtful disappointments/ and hateful torments/ of misunderstanding/ and demanding/ what shouldn´t have been demanded/ neither commanded/ by our own desires/ to you my heart aspires/ to spiralling heights/ and my downfall will be/ one of our last rites/ of passage/ into this lethal game of love//

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