[ Dance of Life and Death ]

dancing into abyss/ we already forgot what to miss/ not aware of what´s amiss/ dumb bass is striking a chord with us/ because melody is of our loss/ phrases floating through thin air/ silently dissolving in black despair/ feelings to feel – our greatest fear/ afraid and numb hearts a sheer/ torment for a lost society/ in happy pursuit of sobriety/ oh, this anxiety/ to lose all faith/ leaves us without fate/ we´re not able to relate/ to anything else but our own self/ so in voidness we delve/ in order to find some depth/ in shallow water/ and with every other step/ we wade in devouring swamp/ of a lost cause/ in search for a source/ of sense for this preposterous life/ so as we strive/ for something more/ we´re shook to the core/ by the emptiness/ which we hunt in restlessness/ souls filled without a single thing/ slowly mindless, we begin to sink/ to the ground of eternity/ a curse of the very luxury/ in that we reveal unwelcome misery/ is what we suffer from, within/ too thin my skin/ too cold my heart/ have we forgotten life´s art?

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