[ Nightcolours ]

with the car wheels turning/ burning on the ground/ we go round and round/ on this roundabout/ me wanting to stay/ you wanting out/ while we are riding/ with tyres squeaking/ I fall in and out/ of what I used to call/ love/ from above/ from far away/ I was led astray/ there is no such thing/ existing/ there is just more/ what I am/ you are/ living for/ and missing/ with car wheels turning/ my soul is burning/ with such a yearning/ fulfilled in instants/ just like these/ of tumultuous peace/ incredibly loud noise/ and screaming voices/ I hear myself scream/ and be dead silent in this stream/ of nightcolours passing by/ it is as if we fly/ in my memories/ from that moment on/ for years/ this very feeling/ has made me strong/ in believing/ this vague thing called love/ is out there/ and is what I dream of/ when I see you/ behind the wheel/ of that particular night/ deprived of any light/ but our own/ I´m leaning out the window/ as I drown/ in these nightcolours/ that have flown/ in and out of town/ reflecting us in pictures/ that enrich us/ with a feeling hard to pin down/ since it is highly fugitive/ as are you/ you are escaping/ blending into nightcolours of the midnight´s sun/ you are/ hard to nail down/ impossible to keep/ but in my memory/ inside of me/ inside my stream of nightly colours/ deprived of sleep and sight/ I finally feel right/ about what I am indicted for/ yes/ it is that fugitive feeling/ of this very first night/ we passed by in vast light/ that was nothing but ours/ to shine/upon our faces/ and leaving traces in our minds/ that do not seem to find/ an ending/ but rather are extending/ my faith/ my hope/ in darkness and in silence/ I am bound to find some sense/ in what is chaining me to you/ but it is senseless/ and leaving me defenceless/ all the power now/ is yours/ you are the one behind the wheel/ and I am still/ sitting here on the passenger´s seat/ counting my heartbeat/ waiting for stops/ counting the drops/ chasing each other/ on the window´s glass/ wondering how long this moment will last/ how well preserved the colours of the night/ might be of the brake light/ I sit here/ still/ listening to what you say/ or what tune you´ll play/ on my soul/ roping me whole/ ripping my layers apart/ stripping my heart/ I am still naked/ since you awakened/ my dark/ with nightcolours painting my world/ leaving my words/ coloured and devoured/ of what I used to call/ love

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