[ partypeople ]

louder than bombs/ in our living tombs/ is blunt bass invading cells/ dead beat in hells/ we are being poisoned by the sweetest things/ leaving their stings/ as an umbilical cord/ unsheathing its sword/ constantly and steadily/ we are willing readily/ to be killed alive/ and we thrive/ on our prosperity/ a mistaken identity/ not created by ourselves/ oh, yes the party´s going on/ for all those strong/ and in power/ commanding silently/ from the tower/ of this world/ we are being hurled/ into the dungeons/ we are plunging/ into spiralling heights/ of sinister fights/ we are not aware of fighting/ dazzled by glare lighting/ leading our way/ holding the ultimate sway/ over our souls/ swallowing us whole/ leaving us empty with desire/ for something higher/ something ideal/ in this shallow world of steel/ we await to heal/ by leaving our eyes wide shut/ and our hearts to feel/ deprived of anything real/ in peace we rest/ for meaning we quest/ blinded by sights/ in which we are created/ by no creator/ in pursuit of happiness/ we must confess/ not to be able/ for equality/ with sincerity/ we are created different/ and to that effect indifferently/ a few rulers rule our hearts/ dismembering them into fragile parts/ oh yes, the party´s going on/ for all those who belong/ to wealth and nobility/ we are wasteful industry/ fulfilling our purpose/ crying out: usurp us/ with all our souls/ we are being led/ astray/ without dismay/ no, while the party´s going/ we stay strong/ and keep our mouths shut/ whilst we strut/ on those beneath/ we become soldiers/ to unsheathe/ our cloaked but lethal swords/ for those lords/ in charge of us/ the ones attending the party/ of the upper upper class/ saying mass/ to sacrifice our body, heart and soul/ for the greater hole/ we stay silent/ our heads bent/ after the next best shiny thing/ dangling on a string/ we fear nothing/ but ourselves/ from within/ we are destroyed/ and we know it/ without knowing/ we participate in the destroying/ of the greater party/ where they drink our lifeblood/ where they stud/ our coffins made of bones/ they sing from thrones/ we believe to be overthrown/ oh no, the party has just crowned/ its next king and queen/ and they even deign/ to reign/ history has taught them lessons/ not to make confessions/ but to let the gentry speak/ of bleak distractions/ that rob us of our actions/ so we attend happily/ mindless/ we confess/ everything/ we keep telling our secrets/ to our spies/ that nourish us in return/ with outright lies/ burying the only truth in our urn/ we are spat in the face/ showing no trace/ of incredulity/ no, we yield our identity/ in obedience we clad/ for the greater bad/

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