[ monument ]

there´s been put up/ a monument/ standing/ in my garden like a trap/ for all the rats/ I´m supposed to be reminded/ of all that rendered/ me like this/ into this/ There´s appeared a monument/ in my mirror/ every time that I stand/ trying to look like myself/ staring back at me/ forbidding me to delve/ into who I used to be/ with you/ there´s been built/ a monument to shake/ me to the core/ what I´m looking for/ should be much more/ than you/ than one too many/ like so many times before/ you and I/ we´ve become/ a monument of forget-me-nots/ a phrase ending with three dots/ and a question mark/ that leaves my heart stark/ with shock and fear/ but no single tear/ can ever tear me up again/ this is the end/ this monument/ of my death/ for you/ not a single thing true/ herein lies the truth/ the only fact to sooth/ my grieving/ of not believing/ you/ nor me/ I´m not free/ but a grey monument/ of this end/ that has brought me to this very place/ where you´ve made a space/ for my undisturbing body/ now I´m a mere copy/ of yourself to you/ hollow with emotions/ just like you/ but in my garden/ there are left some flowers/ that I´ve planted/ in those countless hours/ that I´ve spent and lived for/ you/ someone untrue/ unfaithful/ in the truest sense/ I´m sitting on the fence/ making myself/ my corpse a heavy reminder/ of how kinder/ I used to be/ with you but not me/ this will be my monument/ of love/ of everything I should´ve/ gotten in return/ instead I burn/ under indifference/ making no difference/ to the rest of the world/ that we used to fight/ against/ together/ I gather/ now my last belongings/ and all that´s good of me/ I´ll leave it there with you/ it will be a monument/ that all I did was love/ all I did/ with love/ love/ love/ and the love/ I will leave with you as my legacy/ to promise you solemnly/ of your faint-heated regret/ of what you´ll never ever get/ to be/ with me/


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